DNiT Solution Product ERP

Human Resource Management

Recruitment & Onboarding

Manage your Vacancy, Job applicant, Interviews, Offer Letter, Onboarding Checklist, Documents, Cross boarding and Off boarding

Payroll, Leave & Attendance

Generate Payroll, Mark it with Leave and attendance, Calculate accurate OT and set multiple layer of approvers

Employee Self Service

Manage your Pay Slips, View Attendance, Create service or product request, Personal Info, Documents and many more..

Task & Performance

Allocate Task, Set Mile Stone and time line for it, link each task with the KRA & KPI. Set rating for each KPI and Update it to appraisal system.

Training Management

Manage Courses, Trainees, Trainers, training attendance , Trainer & Course Rating and link it to Performance appraisal.

Travel, Expense, & Loan

Manage your travel using advance travel request system, report your expense for company. See how much loan you can get and how soon it can be processed along with repayment schedule.

Financial And Accounting

Accounting Rules

Put all your accounting rules in one place and let business run according to predefined rules.

General Ledger

Get all the financial entry in one single screen, prepare monthly, quarterly and yearly GL with single click of mouse.

Customer & Supplier Invoice

Create Customer and Supplier invoices according to the accounting rules & Pay them & get paid on time . Create Account voucher and automatic entry to IFRS approved FA system.

Budget Management

Manage your budget according to inflow and out flow of the revenue. Predict all your inflow and outflow accurately and make better business plan.

Payable and Receivable

View all Account payable and receivable in one single screen , Plan your budget according to receivable and payable.

Cash flow & Month end process

Maintain, predict your cash flow better with world class cash flow management system. Automatically generate month end and year end processes.

Supply Chain


Plan everything online like. Demand Planning, Inventory Planning, Production Planning, Distribution Planning, Post Sales service Planning


Get your sales organized centrally with Customer Registration, Customer Invoicing, Customer Payments, Customer Credit Management, Customer Rating


Buy all the material with world class Supplier Management, Material Requisition, Material Testing, Supplier Order Booking, Payment Note & Vouchers , Supplier credit and Rating


Moving inventory was never this easy Mange stock movement with Fleet Management, Route Management, Tracking, Transport Cost Management, Inventory Movement, Warehouse Management


Create your product using best of Material Management, Resource Management, Machinery Allocation , Production Management, Quality Management, Packaging


Make your customers happy with pre planned service listing along with Warranty management, Return Orders, SAL management, Repairing & Services

Customer Relationship Management

Contact Management

Convert lead to contact by single click, Assign multiple contacts to account, Create multiple campaigns/events for the contacts, Record and schedule calls for the contacts, Assign multiple deals to the contact

Campaign Management

Quick create campaigns, for attracting leads, planning and organizing marketing activities, Outlining Core marketing objectives, Campaign effectiveness tracking

Lead, Opportunity & Account

Manage lead end to end, Qualify potentials leads to the next stage based on the information captured in lead details, Dashboard visualizations for learning curve, Create events and tasks for leads with a single click

Territory Management

Segment and organize your customer, Assign accounts to territories, Make sure right people are working together from beginning, View sales activities across territories.

Sales Forecasting

Breakdown forecast, gain insights about team performance, accounting for completed sales, current targets, deals about to be closed, shortage in sales pipeline

Funnel, Workflow & Calendar

Analyze sales opportunities with various stages, generate funnel chart, create workflow rule, assign trigger action, create workflow condition, pre planned service listing along with Warranty management, Return Orders, SAL management, Repairing & Services

Production & Project

Plan, Budgeting & Forecasting

Maintain long & short term financial goals, business' financial position, cash flows and goals, generate future income and cover future expenses

Task, Project Status Reporting

Formalized report on project progress against the project plan, critical aspects such as schedule, issues, scope, resources, cost, etc., timely report to stakeholders

Issue & Change Management

Built Strategy, Clear and timely communication, plan for unexpected situations, work on changes proposed more efficiently

Expenditure, Billing Review

Budget Tracking, expense management, create invoice, customized templates, cost accounting, expenditure & billing review

Document Management

Track, manage and store documents, maintain various versions that can be modified by multiple users

Project Performance

Measure ROI and strategic alignment of projects and portfolios, easy to measure, track time, cost and scope